Identity verification

Are you responsible for verifying identities in your company or authority? Do you want to learn how to unmask forgeries and fraudsters in the process? Then you have come to the right place.

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Thanks to our international team of trainers, consisting of document experts with years of experience, we guarantee training and education at a high level.

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Identity Fraud

Crimes such as money laundering or social fraud are often made possible by forged identities. The best protection: employees who are familiar with international identity documents and their correct verification.

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Compact training

Fraud prevention in motor vehicle trade and rental. Our cooperation trainings with SCORE

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Welcome to the DAS-College. Thank you for your interest in our training program. If you are responsible for the verification of identities in your company or authority, you will find here tailor-made seminars, webinars, lectures and customized trainings. In order to prevent crimes, to recognize attempted money laundering in time and to avert capital damage, regular education and training sessions are indispensable. At the DAS-College, we do not just teach you the basics of how to check international ID documents or banknotes and recognize counterfeits. Our seminar modules are structured in such a way that you can train to become a document expert. Participants in our training sessions are always impressed by the high quality of the content and the strong personalities of our team.

Schmitz Vornmoor
Chairman of the Association for the Rhenish Notary's Office
„140 participants in the webinar "Document forgery"! And everyone stayed until the end. Special knowledge has never been presented to us in such an impressive way. In addition, all questions from the chat were answered immediately during the webinar. Amazing.“
Our seminars

The modules of our seminar program build one on each other. Each module is completed with a certificate. In addition to the modules described here, we will also be happy to create a customized training unit for your company or authority on request. Give us a call and describe your use case for document and identity verification. We will then recommend the trainer, training type and duration.

Our college

The DAS-College is an institute for professional training and further education for professionals who deal with the analysis and verification of international ID documents and who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge in this area.

Experienced and recognized document experts pass on their know-how in exciting seminars and training courses. In this way, participants acquire in-depth knowledge in the fields of identity verification and document knowledge. With this knowledge in hand, crimes such as identity fraud and money laundering can be actively prevented.

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Our Trainer

Our international team of trainers is made up of recognized document experts who are distinguished by their great expertise and enjoy a high reputation in the industry. They convey their extensive experience in a practical and entertaining manner. This enables us to ensure an above-average level of seminar content.

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  • Our seminars are suitable for anyone involved in identity verification. With the help of our trainings, you will be able to properly check international identity documents, passports, visas, residence permits and many more, and identify forgeries. By that you can actively contribute to preventing crimes such as identity fraud and money laundering.

  • A teaching unit or lesson is 45 minutes.

  • For each seminar (exception: FREE webinar) you will receive the most important lesson contents summarized in a handout.