Our idea

The DAS-College is an institute for professional training and continuing education of professionals who are involved in the analysis and verification of international ID documents and who want to deepen or refresh their knowledge in these areas.

An international, qualified team of trainers trains employees from the following sectors and industries:

Travel & Cargo

Police & Authorities

Notaries & Law Firms


Hotels & Restaurants

Business & Commerce

Public Institutions

Banks & Insurances

Health & Care


In theoretical and practical training sessions and lectures, participants acquire in-depth training in the field of document knowledge.

They learn how to reliably identify and analyze identification documents, driver's licenses, birth certificates, etc. using simple tools and acquire strategies for dealing with forgeries in everyday life. By identifying forged documents in a timely manner, trained personnel avert financial damage to companies and prevent serious crimes of identity fraud and money laundering.

The modules of the further education program are offered at different knowledge levels, from basic knowledge to expert status. After successfully completing a module, participants receive a certificate. The modules of the training offer can be booked with English or German-speaking trainers. The seminars are offered as webinars, face-to-face or in-house events.

The team of trainers is made up of recognized experts who enjoy a high reputation in the industry and convey their know-how in an understandable, practical manner. This guarantees an above-average level of teaching content.