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Peter Hessel

First Police Chief Inspector (ret.) and Dipl.
-Verwaltungswirt of the Police of Hesse

Peter Hessel was Police Chief Inspector and Diplom-Verwaltungswirt at the Hessian Police with police headquarters based in Frankfurt a. M.
As Head of Central Investigations in the Special Services Directorate, he was specialized in document forgery and aliens law.  He was jointly responsible for the conception of the Hessian Police for the combat against document crime. In addition, Peter Hessel is a trained document advisor and examiner and had been head of the document examination office of the police headquarters in Frankfurt a.M.

Various German magazines and TV stations rely on the know-how of the “profiler” for documentations dealing with the subject of document forgery. In the past decades Peter Hessel has continuously familiarized employees in companies and authorities with the necessary knowledge concerning the verification of ID documents. By that he made a significant contribution to the prevention of fraud and the fight of terrorism.

Since his retirement from active duty, Peter Hessel works as instructor and trainer for the DAS-College.

Sebastian Kilter

Police Chief Inspector (ret.) and
certified Document Expert
of HamburgPolice

Our trainer Sebastian Kilter studied in the police department at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences from 2000 to 2003, graduating with a degree in administration.

In December 2003, he transferred from Berlin to the Hamburg Police Department, where he currently holds the rank of Police Chief Inspector.

As a certified document examiner, he is jointly responsible for the creation of the document examination concept for the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In addition, he teaches at the Hamburg Police Academy and is responsible for the training and further education of the document examiners of the Hamburg Police.

Daan Oskam
Daan Oskam

After studying Economics and Accountancy, Daan Oskam completed his military service with the Royal Marechaussee (military police organization, among other things responsible for border control). In 2000, Daan Oskam went on reconstruction missions in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan for four years for the Royal Marechaussee. From 2004 he was appointed by the Marechaussee as a professional officer with special assignment Leadership and Coaching.

With his in-depth knowledge of international identity documents and his experience as an auditor, he founded Idcheckcenter in 2011. Today, the company offers one of the most modern databases of reference documents. More than 3,600 documents from 200 countries are continuously monitored, updated and maintained in this database.

At the DAS-College, Daan Oskam teaches document science to police organizations, governments, notaries and law firms. In his English-language seminars, he also trains the correct use of mobile solutions and apps for personal identification.