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Become an expert for identity documents: WE HELP YOU RECOGNIZE FAKE IDS AND PREVENT FRAUD.

The DAS-College stands for sound and secure training in the fields of document science and identity verification. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality and relevant content in the form of informative seminars and trainings on the topic of document science. In the seminars, our participants learn how to analyze and verify international identity documents using simple tools. We qualify our participants to securely verify identities in order to skillfully prevent criminal offenses such as identity fraud, successfully avert capital losses and identify attempted money laundering at an early stage.

With this form of knowledge transfer, the DAS-COLLEGE effectively contributes to the fight against terrorism, money laundering and identity fraud.

Our training courses are aimed at employees in companies or public authorities who are responsible for checking identities and identity documents in their daily work. Especially in industries such as police, travel, tourism, banking, insurance and other personal service companies, the collection of data from national and international passports and ID cards and their authentication is highly relevant.

From solid basic knowledge for newcomers to professional skills for experts - the content of our events takes into account different levels of knowledge. Thus, we can offer exactly the module that fits your knowledge and skills.

Our Seminars
Our Seminars

Upon request, our seminars take place either in Bayreuth in an upscale conference environment, conveniently at your location or flexibly as a webinar. Upon request, the INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF ID MANAGEMENT will organize a cultural program for guests and visitors. For the accommodation of participants and trainers, the college also maintains room allotments in the city of Bayreuth.



Distinguish real identity documents from false papers - Our professional training courses will help you with this task

Together with the renowned team of trainers we provide the necessary qualification for the successful verification of identity cards, passports, driving licenses and other personal papers in the working world. In the courses, which build on each other, we teach our participants about the security features of international identity documents. They also learn how to distinguish genuine identity documents from forged ones. They understand the traces of manipulation, e.g. chemical shaving, and practice the safe use of document checking devices to detect security features.

Preparation with the Onboarding-Box
Preparation with the Onboarding-Box

We pay special attention to the teaching materials.

Depending on the module, participants receive an onboarding box in advance for preparation. In addition to handouts, the box also contains high-quality technical equipment (magnifying glasses, scanner) as well as ID documents with security features specifically produced for the DAS-COLLEGE for practice purposes.

We would like to contribute with our knowledge transfer to the effective fight against identity fraud. Thanks to our trainings, graduates will be able to identify counterfeit documents, define the processes for dealing with tampered papers and initiate the necessary measures. The aim is to avert financial and economic damage effectively and at an early stage.

Learn how to detect counterfeits

However, forgers are now finding clever ways to skillfully fake security features, so that manipulated or copied ID cards, passports, driver's licenses and other documents can appear deceptively genuine - even to trained employees. The authenticity, especially of foreign documents, becomes even more difficult to determine. At this point, authorities and companies use specific magnifying glasses and document inspection devices with infrared and UV light to precisely identify security features that can only be seen under this light source and to secure counterfeit paper. In addition to the significant time savings, the high level of security provided by digital authentication of identification documents is a key benefit for employees.

In our events, participants learn the special features of international documents. They also acquire the necessary skills to identify the relevant security features using magnifying glasses and electronic verification devices. By jointly developing efficient checklists, our participants receive clear instructions on what to do in the event of an incident: what is a suspicious case? How do I behave correctly without drawing attention to myself? How do I avoid becoming a victim of fraud and who is informed about the attempted fraud and in what form?

From professionals for professionals - a top-class team of trainers for your advanced training courses

The high standard of the teaching content is ensured by an experienced and international network of trainers who enjoy a high reputation and some of whom teach exclusively for the College. This enables us to provide our participants with an above-average quality of seminar content and an effective promotion of individual competencies in the field of document management.

We at the DAS-COLLEGE are broadly positioned in our field of knowledge and train employees from a wide variety of sectors and industries, which is why we attach particular importance to tailoring the seminar content to the participants' everyday working lives. Challenges, incidents and questions from the respective industry are analyzed in advance, so that a precise qualification can take place in the respective field.

Continuing education of the highest quality is our claim

"In order to successfully master the increasingly complex tasks, continuous qualification and training are essential. We want to go this way together with you. The DAS-COLLEGE has specialized in qualified, up-to-date and practice-oriented seminar modules on the topics of document management and identity verification. In order to guarantee our participants a high degree of topicality of the contents, the seminars are constantly revised and updated. Personal exchange and contact with our participants are always in the foreground. Their needs and requirements are central to our continuous program development. That's why the skills learned can also be implemented quickly and easily in everyday working life."

Jessica Luh-Fuchs
Managing Director
DAS - Document Authentication Services GmbH

Alexander Zahn
Managing Director
DAS - Document Authentication Services GmbH

Alexander Zahn

Alexander Zahn
DAS - Document Authentication Services