Advanced seminars

Module 2 "How to verify identities?" incl. practical part

You already have previous knowledge of document handling and verification and would like to deepen your knowledge? Then this module is the perfect choice for you. It includes all the building blocks from the advanced seminar Module I, the consolidation and a detailed practical part with numerous exercises on identity verification.

In many areas, the establishment of a person's identity is required by law, for example by the Federal Registration Act, the Anti-Money Laundering Act or the right of residence. But how can I reliably determine whether the person standing in front of me is identical to the ID card holder? To answer this question, our trainer will introduce you to appropriate profiling/recognizing techniques. In addition, you will learn about tools (e.g. UV light, document scanner) you can use for a more in-depth examination of suspicious documents and, using practical examples, you will learn how to interpret the results and to act correctly in the event of a forgery.

The theory is supplemented by a practical part, in which the acquired knowledge will be consolidated and implemented by means of everyday exercises. Using a magnifying glass, UV light and document scanner, you will check genuine and forged sample documents and learn how to correctly interpret the ID scanner's test results.

*in this case, the client also pays for the trainer's accommodation and travel expenses

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2x 8 lessons of 45 minutes each
At the college location in Bayreuth (conference drinks and meals included;for overnight guests we have room allotments available near the college).If you would like to hold this module on-site at your location or at a conference location of your choice, please contact us by phone or email.
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