Basic seminars

BASIC Module Introduction to document science

Reliably establishing the identity of a citizen, customer or business partner using a valid identification document is part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle, legally required in many industries to prevent money laundering and identity theft. However, it is almost impossible even for the trained eye to distinguish a genuine passport or ID card from a forgery.

To make life difficult for forgers, ID cards, passports and driver's licenses are equipped with various security features. If you know these features, you can check IDs reliably and detect forgeries more easily.
In the Basic module, you will learn which security features are included in ID documents and which tricks and aids you can use to detect counterfeit copies and avert damage from identity fraud and money laundering in eight instructional units using illustrative case studies.

Due to the current situation, this module includes an additional focus on Ukrainian document verification to expedite refugee registration.

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8 lessons of 45 minutes each
Inhouse or online (via Microsoft Teams)
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