Fraud prevention in motor vehicle trade and renting

Fraudsters are professionals, prevention is mandatory!

Every day, vehicles are not returned from test drives or from rentals. Fraudsters usually act very professionally and often have an easy game when renting out a vehicle: serious-looking and confident prospective customers book an appointment for a test drive, or reserve a rental vehicle. Contract forms are quickly filled out, the vehicle is prepared and consultations are held. With plausible discussion guidance genuine appearing, often foreign identity cards and driving licenses are presented and thereupon the vehicle is handed over. When the deadline for returning the vehicle passes and the borrower can no longer be reached, it is too late. As a rule, the vehicles are then irretrievably lost and the perpetrators cannot be identified due to the false identity.

The most important tool in the fight against embezzlement and fraud is trained personnel. Take advantage of the opportunity to train all responsible employees in compact knowledge units, or in a one-day event with experienced and field-tested instructors. We offer three training modules that prevent damage and safeguard your capital.

Your advantages when you book our competence day NOW:

  • At the desired date in your company
  • Three competence modules - can also be booked individually
  • Incl. marketing material for communication to your employees (flyer, poster, e-mail template ...)
  • Immediately applicable and up-to-date practical knowledge, to protect against embezzlement and fraud
  • Certification of your company and your employees