Fraud prevention in motor vehicle trade and renting

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Module 1: Checking ID documents and recognizing forgeries
Speaker: Peter Hessel, former police chief inspector and graduate in administration
Content: How to correctly check ID cards, passports, driver's licenses and more, recognize forgeries and react correctly in case of suspicion.
Duration: approx. 2 hours (incl. discussion)

Module 2: Operational fraud prevention
Speaker: Andreas Probst, Automotive Security Consultant
Content: How to identify "gateways" for fraudsters before, during and after vehicle handover, recognize and adequately secure critical processes and act quickly and in a targeted manner in the event of suspicion or damage.
Duration: approx. 2 hours (incl. discussion)

Module 3: Money laundering, compliance, data protection DSGVO
Speaker: Dennis Werth, Data Protection Officer, Expert GWG / Digital Fraud Prevention
Content: How to implement compliance requirements in car dealerships and leasing in practice and in contracts in a legally correct manner, correctly assess unauthorized actions, manage suspicious cases and handle data responsibly within the framework of the DSGVO.
Duration: approx. 2 hours (incl. discussion)

Book all modules as a compact one-day event or select the modules that are still missing from your internal training program and book individual appointments with our expert speakers.

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Our partner: SCOREPLUS GmbH

SCOREPLUS has been an expert in fraud prevention in banking, insurance and automotive for more than 10 years and works in close coordination with police and authorities. Recommended by associations and insurance companies for fraud prevention: With the digital systems VERITRAQ for automotive trade and rental and VERISCORE for financial service providers, SCOREPLUS secures risk-relevant processes, companies and employees in daily use. From know-how transfer, professional analysis and prevention in onboarding, digital auditing and monitoring, to legally compliant data protection and claims management.