Expert course

Expert course "How do I become a document expert?"

This course alone does not make you an expert. Because as an expert, you must first have sufficient expertise, which results from your education and training as well as your professional experience.

Therefore, this course is especially aimed at professionally experienced employees who are involved in identity verification on a daily basis. Examples include employees in the anti-fraud or money laundering departments of banks and insurance companies. If you see your professional future in the confident evaluation, analysis and verification of documents, this course will enable you to deepen your previous knowledge, apply it and apply it to more extensive, written assessments of documents. You will be able to write appraisals with the course content taught. You should also be prepared by your nature to be able to present expert opinions and appraisals orally.

The course is concluded with a written and oral examination. To find out whether this course is suitable for you, we recommend a personal meeting with one of our trainers in advance.

The content in this one-week intensive course covers the following areas of document science, among others:

  • Production technology: raw materials paper and plastic (watermarks, security features, chemical ingredients of paper)
  • Printing processes: analog (letterpress, gravure, flat, through-printing) and digital (ink, toner, thermal printing processes)
  • Personalization technology: laser
  • Optically variable elements, including kinegrams
  • Optically variable ink (OVI)
  • Production of passport documents
  • Issuing technique with writing colorants (solid, liquid, paste)
  • Stamps and signatures
  • Morphing (digital and analog)
  • Passport reading technology
  • Light and light sources: Spectral colors, UV, IR
  • ICAO 9303 (machine readable zone)
  • Photo images / photo image security
  • Legal: forgery, total forgery, blank forgery, fantasy documents
  • European security documents / security documents worldwide
  • Civil status documents
  • Euro banknotes
  • Police identity check
  • Forgeries (chemical/mechanical shaving); Impostors
  • Chip technology

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4x 8 and 1x 4 lessons of 45 minutes each (within one week)
At the college location in Bayreuth (conference drinks and meals included; for overnight guests we have room allotments available near the college).If you would like to hold this module on-site at your location or at a conference location of your choice, please contact us by phone or email.
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