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Document abuse: how to prevent fraud with fake IDs

Identity fraud cases are increasing both in the Internet and in real life. Professional passport forgers are using new technologies and methods to improve document forgeries. As a result, fake passports or manipulated documents are becoming increasingly difficult to detect with the naked eye. If you are involved in checking ID documents on a daily basis in your professional life, our seminars will teach you effective measures to identify fake documents more easily and quickly and to unmask forgers.

For institutions such as public authorities, banks and insurance companies, notary's offices, jewelers, rental services of vehicles, machines, boats, etc. it is important to recognize and report the attempt of fraud directly. At the slightest suspicion of money laundering, employees must take appropriate action. Our training and continuing education offering is therefore aimed at companies and government agencies that conduct regular identity checks and whose activities thus require detailed knowledge in order to immediately counteract fraud using forged documents.

Perpetrators use identity theft for criminal activities, such as money laundering through bank or insurance fraud, to travel undetected, to obtain health or social benefits, and much more. Thus, identity verification is not only a sovereign task of the police, but also necessary in many other industries - in some even mandatory by law. We would like to guide our participants in acquiring appropriate strategies to identify forged identity documents from the very beginning.

Our goal is to provide the participants with a profound knowledge of national and international document security. As a seminar participant, you will learn the differences between genuine and forged documents by recognizing and checking security features. Thus, false identities and manipulations can be detected quickly and serious crimes can be prevented.

Thanks to our modular seminar structure, you can start with no prior knowledge or book a seminar with existing knowledge that matches your personal level of knowledge. Perhaps you would simply like to refresh your knowledge? No problem, our individual training courses provide a fresh-up in your desired subject area. Together we will find the right content and solutions for your needs.

We train you in recognizing and checking the optical, haptic and electronic security features of an ID document

Some documents are already conspicuous when viewed, so that mere feeling, seeing and tilting already gives rise to the suspicion of a forgery. If an ID document such as the German ID card is held up to the light in daylight and tilted slightly, the viewer can see the owner's image, which is displayed holographically to the right of the photo. In addition, genuine ID cards from the Federal Republic of Germany have the federal eagle on the holder's photo - also in a holographic image - which is surrounded by stars that appear larger and smaller in alternating motion. Letters, numbers and patterns are also applied to classic ID documents in such a way that they are sometimes only visible under certain light sources. In addition, fine guilloches, iridescent colors and hidden microlettering and structures can be found on German passports. But this is just one example of a machine-readable, ICAO-compliant document. 190 countries now apply ICAO guidelines to travel documents such as passports, visas and ID cards, helping to make documents increasingly forgery-proof. In addition, there are still a large number of documents that are not ICAO-compliant, but which you nevertheless encounter in your everyday life and usually have to be checked by you. You can get a small insight into the verification of security features without technical aids in our free webinar.

However, forgers now find clever ways to skillfully fake security features, so that manipulated or copied ID cards, passports, driver's licenses and other documents can appear deceptively genuine - even to trained employees. The authenticity, especially of foreign documents, becomes even more difficult to determine. At this point, authorities and companies use special magnifiers and document inspection devices with infrared and UV light to precisely identify security features that can only be seen under this light source and to secure counterfeit paper. In addition to the significant time savings, the high level of security provided by digital authentication of identification documents is a decisive advantage for employees.

In our events, participants learn the special features of international documents. They also acquire the necessary skills to identify the relevant security features using magnifying glasses and electronic checking devices. By jointly developing efficient checklists, our participants receive clear instructions on what to do in the event of an incident: what is a suspicious case? How do I behave correctly without drawing attention to myself? How do I avoid becoming a victim of fraud and who is informed about the attempted fraud and in what form?

Our extensive seminar program

Our participants have the opportunity to choose between different modules, each of which can be completed with a certificate. Depending on previous experience and competence, you can choose between eLearning (AMLA-compliant identity checks) and the levels BASIC, ADVANCED or EXPERT. These modules are thematically structured so that they build one on each other. Participants therefore have the opportunity within our seminars to train up to become an expert for document examination. In addition, we are happy to put together INDIVIDUAL seminars in which we can specifically address the questions and needs in your industry.

As a dedicated knowledge partner, we focus on maximum practical relevance, ongoing topicality of content, individual selection of topics depending on the level of knowledge, as well as authenticity and the highest level of competence. The team of the DAS-College consists of highly qualified trainers who deliver relevant content based on their expertise. We offer our training courses in both German and English. Furthermore, they can be booked as webinars, face-to-face or in-house events as desired.

For whom are the trainings suitable?

Our training and further education program is aimed at all persons who require a secure handling of national and international documents within the scope of their professional activities. We offer our training courses at various levels of knowledge. The basic modules are suitable for beginners and for refreshing existing knowledge. On the other hand, the advanced seminars are suitable for interested parties with several years of experience in the verification of identities. Within the range of training courses, participants can train to become experts in document verification.

This means that no basic knowledge in the field of identity document verification is required. We will work together to establish a base to gradually build your knowledge.

The international trainer team of the DAS-COLLEGE trains employees from different sectors and industries.

Learn more about our different modules and their contents.

If you have individual wishes for your company or authority, we will be happy to present you a customized seminar. Just give us a call.

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